Final Fantasy Versus XIII - DKS3173 HD trailer

Eurogamer Portugal published a new trailer from Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Enjoy!

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Kleptic3595d ago

looks like the last couple seconds could be in game...maybe I'm nuts...but the hair of the characters looks less soft...and everything is slightly more 'real time' looking...if that makes any sense...

fanboi hater3595d ago

yeah i was about to say the same thing

sick trailer

and the greatest square team ever assembled

diefor3595d ago

I want a remake of FF VII.

shqype3595d ago

This trailer is not "HD." Please change the misleading title.

jkoz3595d ago


And let's stop reporting this kind of story until we can actually download the thing...

Enate3595d ago

Now lets see if its as good as it looks when it launches if that is truly the case I have no complaints.

Mandaspt3595d ago

Yep. Let´s wait and see.

fuzon3595d ago

since FF13 is downgraded for the CRAP BOX 360

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The story is too old to be commented.