Let’s play the first 40 minutes of Beyond A Steel Sky

VGS: "Here we bring you our experience playing the first 40 minutes of the new adventure game Beyond A Steel Sky."

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TimmyTesticles46d ago

Never heard of it. Kinda looks like hot garbage.

DarthMarvin46d ago

I don't even understand what it is. 40 minutes of nothing.

lonewolf1046d ago

Its a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky a point and click game from the 90's. Most probably why you think nothing is happening

Flewid63846d ago

It looks like a game that should be straight fire....then nothing happens.

andy8546d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I may not have interest in this but I'd love to see a more open world Broken Sword like this (same developers)

lonewolf1046d ago

Love BS, yeah it could be interesting if they went this route.

Aggesan46d ago

Loved this game! I honestly didn't think they would be able to recreate the feel from Beneath a Steel Sky, but they totally did.

FinalFantasyFanatic46d ago

Yeah, this one is not for me, I know it's a revival of an older game franchise, but there are other classic games I'd rather see revived (I've never liked point and click games for some reason).

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