Rumor: Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Event Will Have a Halo Crossover According to New Images

Eagle-eyed players believe that they have spotted Halo weapons for the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary event next week.

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luckytrouble51d ago

Bungie's 30th anniversary, but everything is horribly labelled as the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary.

franwex51d ago

I’ve been playing this since the NES.

dbcoops50d ago

30th anniversary for the company, celebration event for it being held within D2.

DefenderOfDoom251d ago

Wow , Bungie game MARATHON is a couple years away. from it's 30 anniversary

GravedancerX50d ago

It's in the top 10 most played games on literally every platform it's on guy.

dbcoops50d ago

If it was really that dead people wouldn't spend any energy hating on it. Like it or not its still very much alive.