JumpCut PLAY's Games of The Year: Returnal

Returnal showed players just how masterful the PlayStation 5's hardware could be. Aaron discusses why it is one of 2021's best games.

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4U2NV47d ago

Defo my game of the year for me, this game was something else.

Eidolon47d ago

Playing it right now, just got it yesterday..hard but just barely learning and it's getting funner.

47d ago
VersusDMC47d ago


150 hours played and still finding rooms i haven't seen before.

Hopefully that DLC rumour is true...

Chevalier47d ago

Really hope the DLC is true too! Absolutely loved this game. Honestly I went in intrigued by what I saw before launch, but, it really surprised me more than I could have ever thought. One of the best experiences in years for me. Also my personal GOTY as well

Elda46d ago

Playing for an entire 170 hrs & I still can't find the rare room in biome 2 (Crimson Wates) for the last Xenoglyph cipher to get the platinum trophy. The game is so fun but I'm about to give up grinding for the last cipher,it's starting to get monotonously boring. I'll definitely be playing the dlc once it's released.

Chevalier46d ago

Damn. I'm plugging away too! I got 4 trophies to officially get my 1st platinum. Thr first time in all my years ACTUALLY trying to get a platinum. I'm missing 1 or 2 ciphers as well

Elda46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I must have gotten myself good luck commenting to you because right after I made my comment to you I tried again & behold I got the "Ascending The Mountain" trophy & got the platinum trophy!! Whew!!!

Darkborn47d ago

This game was insane and I need to re-download it and play some more sometime. It's one of those intensely satisfying games that has some of the best visuals and audio I've ever seen, plus the gameplay is crazy fast and demanding. You will mess up and die and keep going back for more.

Yui_Suzumiya47d ago

Not even close to the brilliance of DDLC Plus but still alright