EVE Online Scandal

An EVE Online Forum Thread, currently at 621 posts and rising, details a brewing brouhaha in CCP's outer-space MMORPG that centers around alleged improprieties by CCP staff. The original post by EVE Online community manager kieron mentions that the identities of CCP employees participating in the game have become public, and that the compromised accounts have been deleted, and goes on to refer to the possibility that information about a coming story arc had been leaked by employee/players...

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ryanjtravis4903d ago

Okay, am I missing something, or are these people taking this game WAY to seriously? I mean... is there like money involved, or rewards/prizes at stake? If so, sure I can understand why folks would be mad.

But if this is over some stupid leader-board type crap, then this might be the dumbest argument of all time.

power0919994903d ago

Have you ever played a MMO?

If you have you SHOULD understand. It's not a wah wah wah thing. It's a respect for hard work thing.

MMO's are tedious to get anywhere in. Constant grinding, and "virtual" hard work. Lots of time invested.

Think of it this way.

If you were in direct competition with someone .... to build a computer. It was for no prize, just the satisfaction of knowing your better. You lost to this other person, who got all the glory blah blah blah. You then later find out that he had 100 other people helping them build his computer. While you built yours by yourself. You put in hard work, blood, sweat, and tears.

Would you not feel cheated?

ryanjtravis4903d ago

okay, admittedly I have never played an MMO, so I am a bit out of my element here.

I can definitely see your argument, and I understand why people feel cheated (because they WERE cheated).

But at the same time, when I play games, I usually just play for fun/adventure/action... whatever. For me, it isn't all about "the glory", its about the fun of playing (this sounds like a goddamn after school special... sorry!)

I guess its just 2 different mindsets about games that's all... but as you very correctly stated, I've never played an MMO so I can't really relate. Nice to hear a diff. point of view though :)