Final Fantasy XIV Releases Paid Items To Get Level 80 & Ready for Endwalker as Early Access Begins

Square Enix opened the floodgates of the early access of Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion and released paid items to get people up to speed.

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tombfan44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Don't buy it, play the game as intended.

Name Last Name44d ago

For those just starting, it will take weeks to catch up but the story is worth it.

Spenok44d ago

It'll definitely take a long time, but as you said, SOOOO worth it. Although the Vanilla story is the worst of it (but that doesn't mean bad). It just starts to get ridiculously good once you make it to Heavensward.

antikbaka44d ago

as intended means = intended overgrind

BrainSyphoned44d ago

Endgame is overrated in pretty much everything.

CrimsonWing6944d ago

This actually would be something I'd pay for to avoid a grind.

antikbaka44d ago

that's how all these games work. Grind is something they intentionally implement

tombfan43d ago

Final fantasy Xiv isn't grindy at all it's more like a too much story game, need more gameplay hahaha the first 50 levels has TONS of story and quests, but grindy, nope, never.

Rachel_Alucard44d ago

They've sold jump boosts since 2015. They never level you to max, just to the beginning of whatever the newest content is. I don't like them and people will rightfully call out players who clearly used them, but the whole reason they exist is to get friends to play together at the same time regardless of if they just started today or not. They were a thing specifically because people were willing to pay to play with their friends.

tombfan43d ago

The dev team also isn't keen on the implementation, they also thing the best way to explore the game is to play it bit by bit.