Chorus: The First 15 Minutes of PS5 Gameplay

IGN: "Check out the opening moments of Chorus, captured in 4K on PlayStation 5 in performance mode. Chorus is an upcoming space combat game where you'll take control of a pilot named Nara and her sentient starfighter Forsaken who take on open-world missions from a space force called the Enclave."

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wolf58153d ago

I was waiting for this since reveal... Good space shooters are rare in these days... Ah i rember rtype, galaga, darius twin, gemini wing, space invaders, axelay.. Good old days... Well chorus is must have for me

darthv7253d ago

This is nothing like those though. I get what you are saying but you do know this is more akin to SW Squadrons or crimson skies or even warhawk (flying shooter) not shmup like the ones you mentioned.

wolf58152d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I agree with your comments but lets be a little romantic here... I mean lets imagine that axelay for example after around 30 years from its release in the future with the power of of current gen It would be like this in 3d...maybe their vision from Back then its like chorvs anyway i m playing It right now and i love It this game its like a dream Come True.... 😋😋😋

Limitedtimestruggle53d ago

I actually got this for a great price during the black week offers in stores around here! Recieved it today!

ironmonkey53d ago

just bought it today and man this is amazing. yall gotta get this games asap.