PlayStation Plus' Godfall: Challenger Edition not a trial, developer insists

Developer argues this edition is not a demo. Cut-down version will be sold separately for $15.

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brewin48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

"This trial is not a demo cuz we are also selling it for $15" 🤣🤣🤣

Nakiro48d ago

They should have just kept quiet.

It's even worse now knowing that it's going to be free on the Epic Store.

I'm not upset about Godfall, I'm upset that they went out of their way to give you a glorified demo as part of Plus. For me it has very little to do with Godfall actually, just the practice of getting a demo as part of the subscription.
What is to stop other developers from doing the same in the future?

brewin48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

1000% this! They are essentially diluting the value of PS Plus by doing this. Before we know it, demos won't be free theyll just be a part of the subscription! Even the most staunch PlayStation fan has to see the slippery slope here 🤷

I mean, honestly what is so great about Godfall that they couldn't just give the full version as part of Plus? If this is a test they are about to get an F and have a whole bunch of negative press.

-T9X-69-48d ago

My guess? The game didn't sell no where near what they were hoping. Thus, strip it down to end game, sell it for $15 and offer an "upgrade" for the full version. Which is hilarious because they're saying it's not a trial, but will have the option to upgrade to the full game. What a joke.

Shame on Sony for even participating in this garbage. I actually own the game, but regardless, I won't be even claiming this title out of principle. I hope many others do the same. Sending some message is better than just being like "eh, it's "free" might as well try it." That "trying it" is gonna give Sony and other big companies ideas to exploits this the same way they all did with loot boxes. Not all, but many did.

Dirtnapstor47d ago

You'll still "Add to Library"... you know you will, Lol.

--Onilink--48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Well, that would be Sony’s fault and Sony is the one that should stop other developers from doing the same thing in the future.

Its not like anyone forced Sony to include this version of the game, or for another example, to release a version of FF7 that could not be upgraded to the PS5 version. They knew exactly what the developer was intending to include and Sony decided it was fine

John_McClane48d ago

Well Sony just lost $60 a year from me.

ironmonkey48d ago

that great better yet sell your console as well

Andrew33647d ago (Edited 47d ago )

If you were laying 60 to begin with, you were doing it wrong.

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LordoftheCritics48d ago

Epic store will have the same version btw.

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D3TH_D33LR48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It’s literally the only good parts of the game. They got rid of the bloat and bs nobody liked. Still wouldn’t pay for the game regardless and I understand the thought that PSN could start delivering glorified demos but you really don’t want the full godfall experience. It’s diluted and not fun. This version focuses it up so it’s at least mostly enjoyable.

thejigisup48d ago

Good luck telling N4G that. The game was absolutely hindered by the story mode and initial grind. This version is the best version of the game and it should've released this way imo with everything else being dlc.

brewin48d ago

You're missing the point though. Who cares what anyone else thought, why not just give the game, bloat and all, and let the players decide for themselves?! It doesn't make much sense to cut out parts of a full game and then claim your giving away a full game! It's not a full game if they cut out anything. Even if it's "free" as part of the sub, people are going to feel like they're missing something as they are not giving the full version.

SpineSaw48d ago

Yesterdays claim by the entitled gamers was "a demo with no access to the endgame". Today they learn they get the endgame but what they really want is the grind but as of yesterday that's wasn't good enough...
Xbox fanboys, what can ya do.

BlackDoomAx48d ago

Even if it is, they should have sold it, but Sony shouldn't have included it in the ps plus subscription.

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darkrider48d ago

It's the only part of the game worthy.

48d ago
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