Insane Forza Horizon 5 Photo Gallery Shows True Xbox Power

WG writes: "We’ve taken dozens, if not hundreds of photos of Forza Horizon 5 and provided some for you to see in an easy to use gallery."

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Jin_Sakai53d ago

Looking this good and being open world is an achievement in its own.

Obscure_Observer53d ago


I can only dream with Fable *_*

porkChop53d ago

They've never made an RPG but they're incredibly talented and creative. They also have some Lionhead devs, and they don't burn out their teams with crunch. I have really high hopes for Fable.

BQ3253d ago

It never really looks this good though when your actually playing the game

MajorLazer52d ago

No shit. We'd need PS6 for these kind of visuals in-game.

ProjectVulcan52d ago

It would be much closer on PC if they implemented better anti aliasing- the photo mode renders out with loads of it and so the shots look far smoother with no jagged edges.

This is one weakness of this engine. You can force it as you can most games but it's performance prohibitive, only the fastest GPUs can do it at high resolution. We're maybe a year away from another new generation of GPUs that would comfortably do it.

I would say give it that year with better AA and ray tracing modded into the game you'll have something even more spectacular.

Dave198052d ago

Have you even played the game?!

TheEroica53d ago

9 super salty Playstation owners down voted you. Lol. All they've got it drive club. I'd be salty too.

DOMination-52d ago

Too bad the latest update has completely broken the game. Audio constantly breaking up, and crashing when saving every time you try and paint or tune your car. In a game that has time critical events, this is simply not good enough.

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brewin53d ago

Yeah I am still in awe on so many occasions even after playing this for far more hours than I care to admit! Playground knows what's up and I cannot wait to see what they can do with Fable 🤤😳

kickerz52d ago

Yeah I'm loving it. I want to get a Logitech wheel and play using that. Between this and Halo my Christmas holidays are sorted

BenRC0152d ago

Its like drive club meets motorstorm meets gta, meets pgr! its a stunning achievement and easily the best racing game Ive played in 40 yrs

brewin52d ago

That's what is great about it. It basically replaces every other racing game with the breadth and quality of all the different events. It's just an astounding achievement and I can't wait to see what they do for expansions this time around!

Killer73nova53d ago

They did a great job on this game. Considering that it's open world the graphics are the best so far this generation

iplay1up253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Flight Simulator is right up there as well. Horizon 5 is definitely one of the best looking games this Gen. Photo realistic in many areas, on PC and Series X.

anast53d ago

This game is top tier as a racing game, but the true power would be shown if it can look like this and do other things than race or flight simulations.

blacktiger53d ago

Gameplay not photo gallery is the true power

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