STALKER 2 File Size Could Be A Massive 180GB On Console

STALKER 2 File Size Could Be A Massive 180GB On Console which could be a massive problem for current Xbox Series owners.

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isarai53d ago

Hopefully they use PS5's compression tech when it comes out.

Pedrof53d ago

Yes, still it's strange to me how some devs just didn't seem to receive the memo about PS5 compression. Like Metro Exodus devs, for example. While some others (Subnautica) have managed to reduce install size drastically.

52d ago
franwex52d ago

That would require some customized code. Only first party or exclusive would likely use it.

Godmars29052d ago

Because they're dealing with multiple platforms they aren't giving consideration to a specific one.

BenRC0152d ago

Because you were lies to to compensate for the tiny hdd. Bet you believe all the tv ads too eh?

fr0sty52d ago

Salabum, there is no hardware decompression accelerator you can buy for PC that works the same way Kraken does.

isarai52d ago


There are already several 3rd party games using this out there such as Control, Tony Hawk, Marvel’s Avengers, and AC Valhalla that i can recall off the top of my head. Also Dying light 2 will be 20gb on PS5 vs 72gb on xb. So i dont know what you're talking about bro

Dave198052d ago

Is that a hypothetical release for ps5 because at the moment it's an exbox and PC exclusive

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BenRC0152d ago (Edited 52d ago )

That was l lie. Like father Christmas and the tooth fairy. As you get older you'll realise grown ups tell you lies to get away with things (tiny hdd in this case)

13sentinel52d ago

I see you xbox fans love lying to try to give yourselves a one up. Im sure it's a byproduct of being in 3rd place constantly and playing the victim

Sayai jin52d ago

@13sentinel, placement? I have PS4s and PS5s where is this trophy to sit next to those consoles? Where's the 3rd place tropy to sit next to my VCR, I mean XBX or Series Xs? Console warriors still giving energy to the psuedo console war....smh.

Magog52d ago

It will. Sony made it easy and free to make use of their dedicated hardware and software solution. That's why you see such massive differences in install sizes.

Michiel198952d ago

so when will i be receiving my free ps5?

RedDevils52d ago

Michiel just get a fucking job.

isarai52d ago

Am i missing something with the disagrees? There are several games that due to PS5s oodles/kraken compression have been cut in half or more on their install sizes. Not really something you can disagree with when the proof is there for everyone to see. Hell even days gone's install size was halved on PS5

Dave198052d ago

I believe it's tge free part

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RaidenBlack53d ago

Cheeki Breeki is a big boi now.

JEECE53d ago

Lol half of a Series S.

hiawa2353d ago

Bring it on. Got 4 TBs of Seagate expansion cards.

Visceral8953d ago

You spent $800 on way overpriced Xbox proprietary SSD...

Godmars29052d ago

People were complaining about about console prices while owning multiple versions of one system.

hiawa2352d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I needed the space, had plenty of Best Buy point credits to use, it is our only option for the Series consoles other than using external drives as a storage buffer, and to be honest the money for me is not an issue, so, yes I spent that and will spend much more on my Series consoles and PS5 before this gen is over. I think I paid $500 for my PS5 SN850 WD 2TB internal SSD, but thanks for asking, I am good. If you happen to know any other mem cards or ssd storage options available that will run Series Consoles games like the Seagate Expansions cards, please let me know.

13sentinel52d ago


Bro that's insane, I searched the whole universe and couldn't find who asked

Sayai jin52d ago

I brought expansion ssds for all of my Series Xs and just finished getting expansions for my PS5s and the cost difference was not that much different. I did pick up a couple more ssds for family over Black Friday fpr a nice discount though.

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Deathdeliverer53d ago

I’ll tell you what. I’ve got about 2 terabytes on my PS5 and I STILL wouldn’t get this game if it takes up that much space. They better use the compression tech and get that wayyyy down if there is any truth to this rumor. Game looks good, but it’s down right offensive to take up that much space. Hell, I struggle with keeping flight simulator on my series X. Once I have a need for flight simulators space, it’s gone too. Difference is I didn’t *pay* for it to eat up my storage.

Michiel198952d ago

you wont, if you hear/see the game is good enough, you will throw this false sense of "morality" out the window and install it anyway.

Deathdeliverer52d ago

Tell that to modern warfare and warzone. I had a TON of fun on it. Once it got too big that even uninstalling the optional parts had it over 150 GB I tapped out. Haven’t looked back since. False sense of morality? Not exactly. I am the type that speaks with my money. No point in complaining about something if you’re going to support it anyway. The technology is there, use it. No way should COD be that big. No way should Stalker 2 be that big. I think it’s laziness.

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