Josef Fares' It Takes Two hit by Take-Two claim

It Takes Two, the latest game from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Josef Fares, has been hit by a trademark claim from Grand Theft Auto parent company Take-Two.

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GhostofHorizon55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Just when you thought Take-Two couldn't get worse.

It's weird to root for EA but It Takes Two looks like such a wholesome game that I hope they send Take-Two packing home with this ridiculous trademark claim.

roadkillers54d ago

TakeTwo... as far as I know Rockstar is still a quality company owned by a shitty parent company. Can anyone prove me wrong? I have no evidence that Rockstar's quality has slipped, but then again with a 5 year release window it is hard to tell.

barom54d ago

Rockstar is not owned by take two

DarthMarvin54d ago

@barom Wat? You fanboys really are something else. 🤦

roadkillers54d ago

If you type in Take-two in Google, the first game that comes up is GTA.

poppatron54d ago

Rockstar didn’t personally develop gta trilogy definitive edition but it’s still their ip and would’ve still had some control and as such must be seen as at least partially responsible for the complete mess it was

roadkillers53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

^ We know nothing on the development of the game... that is also not how IPs work. Hamonix with Guitar Hero, Neversoft with Tony Hawk, Bungi with Halo, and hell even Max Payne with Remedy.

All of those studios created those extremely popular games, they don't anymore. The parent companies own the franchises after a departure or when a change is wanted.

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It’s probably also worth discussing if this has anything to do with the fairly recent change up in management at R*; I believe a founder was somehow forced out when taking a sabbatical.

got_dam54d ago

It takes two are not the only little guys take 2 is going after right now. They are a bunch of scum.

Eidolon54d ago

Like Blizzard should have sued Antarctica and northern Russia for having all them cold snow winds.

brewin54d ago

Lol, isn't there an old show or movie called "It takes two?" There's also the old school song "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. I hope they sue Take Two over the name cuz thats total cultural appropriation for T2 to steal their company name from Hip Hop artists without compensation.

Wtf has become of society when corporations can trademark common phrases? Idk about anyone else, but I've never confused this game with the company Take Two!? In fact, I've always seen "Take Two" the company written as Take 2 or just T2. This is some BS but Take Two will easily win because they have so much money. Nobody wants to fight them in court so the devs will just abandon the copyright to the games title or change it altogether.

Michiel198954d ago

its not that they will easily win, they use shitty legal tactics to basically make it a war of attrition instead of an argument in court. thats what most of the smaller companies cant compete with, its not that they cant win any of them, but having your product delayed by a couple months can be carried by large companies, not by smaller ones.

theindiearmy54d ago

It says this all came about prior to release and that they had to abandon their trademark for the game's name. Something tells me if they really thought they were in trouble with using the name still even after that, they would have just changed the name prior to release. You would have to assume EA's legal team reviewed the situation in depth as well, considering they are the publisher of the title.

Michiel198954d ago

I dont think will give them their full legal support, they arent waiting to get into a courtcase either I imagine. Its no even their game I think, just their hmmm "indie support division" as far as im aware? It would be cool to see EA stand up for them though, that would make things a lot more interesting for sure.

Also i think they dont have to change their name, its just that they cant trademark it, which is not the same as copyright, which goes to any work created automatically without filing for it.

tronyx1253d ago

Not here to defend T2.

Take Two is doing this to future proof its trademark if they want to do anything with the phrase 'It Takes Two', or similar, in future marketing campaigns.

They are after the "Trademark". Those movies, old school songs and shows have a Copyright, because they are original work. Copyrights lose their value after a set ammount of years, I think its 50 in the US. Trademarks never lose value if the mark is still in use.

It Take Two will not lose anything, they will not be able to file a TradeMark for their game. Still, a Copyright will be in place and if T2 stops there, they will still be able to market the game as usual.

Still, scummy, but not the end of ther word for It Takes Two.

brewin53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I knew it was something like that! I think people are making it more of an issue than it is, partly because of the recent negative press T2 is getting around GTA Trilogy and the GTA 5 milkfest. Bad timing on their part. Thanks for the informative response ✌️

1nsomniac54d ago

Take-Two really have charged full steam ahead to become the scummiest company in the industry over the last few years. Absolutely shameless!

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