League of Legends Playerbase Increased By Nearly 50% in November

League of Legends continues to soar to new heights as it has seen a huge increase in playerbase in the past 30 days.

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refocusedman49d ago

that's because the Netflix show is amazing and has made a ton of new people (including me) interested in the history of the game.

blackblades48d ago

They shouldve been made a series, but i did like all the cgi shorts on you tube.

FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago

I lost interest in the game quickly, but after finishing Arcane... I feel like trying it again.

VerminSC49d ago

Amazing show, shitty game

Grayson07649d ago

I second this as someone who has and continues to play far too many hours of this game lol

DefaultComment49d ago

Shitty game? Yeah sure it's one of the most played video game in the world and it's basically the face of e-sports...sounds to me like the only shitty thing here it's you.

Inverno49d ago

Some things can be bad and still be popular.

jznrpg49d ago

It’s a shitty game to him . I agree with him too. I don’t like those types of games . But others are free to love it and that’s fine good for them . One mans pile of crap another mans treasure ya know .

VerminSC49d ago

Mc Donald’s is the most ate at restaurant In the world does that make it the best?

ChubbyBlade49d ago

Popularity doesn’t mean quality.

D3TH_D33LR49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It’s popular cuz it can run on the shittiest of toasters in 3rd world countries

Rachel_Alucard49d ago

So its still shitty but because its popular that must magically overwrite the fact its shitty?

Michiel198949d ago

@defaultcomment boys play lol, men play dota

blacktiger49d ago

don't like those type of game does't mean shitty. I don't like Fortnite doesn't mean fortnite sucks! Same goes for Minecraft!

ElvisHuxley49d ago

Arguing good vs bad in the realm of opinion is just stupid. Some people love the game, probably say it's good. Some people don't like it, would say it's bad. Is either one "correct"? No. So it's stupid to make actual arguments, aka "X number of people do Y, so therefore it's good." or "Look at this really popular guilty pleasure, so therefore my opinion about this other thing being bad is valid."
Who cares? Play it if you like it, don't if you don't. Stop trying to argue the subjective, makes everyone involved look silly.

DefaultComment49d ago

@VerminSC it's certainly not the best restaurant but it's certainly not shitty neither, otherwise it wouldn't be popular as well.

DefaultComment49d ago

@D3TH_D33LR , wow that reply is a walking cancer and no wonder this community is so messed up in the head.
it's because they have a team that can manage to optimize resuources so it can run on those so called "3rd world countries" PCs it's what makes this a respectable company, because it opens to everyone, kinda like soccer, youi dont need much, just a ball and people wo play with and youcan improvise a soccer field. So it's a game that is bringing joy to everyone who is willling to play it and if you consider thats shitty well---- all I can say is that I pity you.

DefaultComment49d ago

@ChubbyBlade well this quote of yours it's kinda debatable
"Popularity doesn’t mean quality." While it's true that something popular doesn't exactly means high quality but it does have some sort of quality for the masses to approach it. Like I said ion previous reply, there is reason why people like it, so there has to be some level of quality othewise people would just saty away from it.
In other words they have to be doing something right for people to still play this game that has been for over 10 years now.

Rachel_Alucard49d ago

So just being playable to the masses is all it takes to not be shitty? I guess most mobile titles must be an award winning experience since anyone with a phone can play them. You know what else is playable to everyone, is popular, yet is one of the shittiest games to ever play? Candy crush saga

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blacktiger49d ago

it is shitty because you suck at it, I love this game a lot

monkey60249d ago

I can honestly say, as someone who knew nothing of League of Legends. Arcane is an incredible show and worth every second of its time

Silly Mammo49d ago

Never played the game, just started watching the series and I'm enjoying it. Love the steampunk elements in it.

DefaultComment49d ago

Not surprising at all, Arcane really made a bog impact on people that don't even game.

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