The final Steam Deck packaging has been revealed

Valve has revealed the final Steam Deck packaging ahead of the handheld’s launch in February 2022.

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phoenixwing51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I had to refund my pre order. Couldn't justify spending the money with the current budget I'm on. My family felt it was a waste of resources when I already have a gaming PC. They weren't wrong. I can read a book on my Kindle instead of handheld gaming when on trips.

mkis00751d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I am in the same boat. I would never have time to use it as intended. Just going to wait a few years and put it toward a new pc; mine isn't going to be below minimum spec until the require a nvme ssd.

phoenixwing50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I already have a nvme but it's 3.0 pcie instead of 4 so we will see how long it stays relavent

QSPR51d ago

Don't feel bad, I also cancel my pre-order, I'm buying a house right now and I can't waste money having a nice gaming rig with a RTX 3070Ti (MSRP price).

13sentinel50d ago

Bro that's insane, I searched the universe and couldn't find who asked

OtterX50d ago

@13sentinel Did he trigger you with something he said?

@QSPR congrats on the new home. It's good to keep our life priorities in check, although we'll always leave room for games.

pietro121250d ago

Are we really downvoting this dude getting a place of his own? The Steam deck is also my last big gaming purchase, I'm tried of renting an apartment and now I want a house of my own. So I'm cutting back on buying games at least new releases and comics. In the long run it'll be worth it.

specialguest50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Very nice on the house. The Steam Deck will always be there when you decide on the right time to buy it

mkis00750d ago

Yup just bought a house that needs a bit of work. All my money is going to that .

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Andrew33650d ago

Did your wife stand over your shoulder as you typed this?

QSPR49d ago

lol. nah, I'm the man in the house!! (shhh she's not here)

QuePasa8750d ago

Truth. It's a big want but definitely not a need :/

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autobotdan51d ago

Greatest handheld of all time

roadkillers50d ago

Only games it cannot play is Nintendo...

annoyedgamer50d ago

Emulators have solved this issue.

roadkillers50d ago

How about ways not potentially getting me in legal trouble

50d ago
Vits50d ago

It likely can play them better than the Switch itself...

Snakeeater2550d ago

You can play all ps5 games with it ?

XbladeTeddy50d ago

Of course you can. Absolutely!

roadkillers50d ago

Whatevers on Playstation Now. Right now it is pretty limited

annoyedgamer50d ago

You're not going to get into legal trouble for using an emulator. Use a VPN to get the pirate copy and you're good. If you feel morally guilty then buy the game after you download it.

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Outlawzz50d ago

Bummer they had to delay it. Gives me time to ready the funds for it at least. The holidays have killed my wallet

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