High Quality Uncharted 2 Direct Scans

High Quality Uncharted 2 Scans From Game Informer has surfaced online!

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fuzon5469d ago

Queers 1.1



Uncharted 2


U2 is a generation ahead of Gears 2

Yaaaaaakkk gears 2 lOl

PirateThom5469d ago

What do sales have to do with quality?

Wii Play has sold more.

Danja5469d ago

because thats all the X-Kiddies can draw for these sales game sales..

PS3 has more Quality exclusives than the 360...

plus they can't draw for the PS3 has no games , the graphics sucks..comeback ne more..XD

Gears 2 is good game though , and im sure Uncharted 2 will be even better than than the 1st one

WIIIS15469d ago

Why should anyone take what Nasim has to say seriously?

fuzon5469d ago

Thats from CNN --an american media

which is a dead console in europe ----X360??

Which is a dead console in Japan _----X360???

which country is a bankrupt nation now with 23trillion dollar debt --America

PS3 will be reaching 23 million by the end of this year

It will give the trash box a final deathblow in 2009

cmrbe5469d ago

is better than gears 1 and 2.I don't understand why people still debate this issue.

Uncharted 2 will see a bigger improvement from Uncharted 1.

Magic_The_Celt5468d ago

Shadow Man owned by PirateTom haha

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xg-ei8ht5469d ago

God gears looks horrid.

as many have already said uncharted 1 pwns this graphically with ease.

as for u2 it's on another planet, then u got killzone2, it's in another galaxy far far away.

ToastyMcNibbles5469d ago

lol no wonder theres so much motion blur and just blur period in gears


then you got GOD OF WAR III in another universe!

cmrbe5469d ago

I can't believe they said these are actual screen shots. http://s443.photobucket.com...

Thees guys have already played a DEMO!. Man i really hope this game comes out in mid year.

It unbelieveable what ND has done which is improve greatly from the the first uncharted.

DiabloRising5469d ago

Impressive indeed.

I just hope they have a solid frame rate and can cut down the screen tearing that poked into Uncharted 1.

Nathan Drake though, is easily THE BEST character created this generation, and I'm glad his VA is returning for more.

Danja5469d ago (Edited 5469d ago )

they've had alot more time to tweak there engine im sure the frame rate will be stable plus screen tearing will be a thing of the past..

The game looks amazing and to think they have a year left to polish this gem up...

another AAA game confirmed for PS3 ...:D

INehalemEXI5469d ago

Thats the chick from stargate sg 1 ...Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black)

Gamekilla5469d ago

the environments in scans 8,9 and 10......nuff said

ultimolu5468d ago

I don't know how anyone can disagree with you on that. I adore Nathan Drake.

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Nathan Drake5469d ago

2009-The Year the Ps3 will produce another round of AAA exclusive software,with Uncharted 2 being a key player 8)