The sci-fi 3D action/adventure “The Gunk” has just released some new info and a brand-new trailer

"The Sweden-based indie games publisher/developer Thunderful Games and indie games developer Image & Form, today announced with great thrill and delight that they have just released some new info and a brand-new trailer for their upcoming story-driven sci-fi 3D action/adventure/exploration game "The Gunk"." - Jonas Ek, TGG.

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Gaming4Life198146d ago

I'm ready to play this and see what it's about.

thesoftware73046d ago

Looks interesting.

I mainly have faith in the game because Steam World dig 1&2 were awesome games that I to 100% completion.

Gamer7945d ago

Didn't think I would like the steamworld games. So tried the first one when it was on sale, completed it in a couple of days and did the same with the sequal. So looking forward to this.

moriarty188946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Looks very good. Colorful graphics and cool looking environments. Look forward to playing this.

Gamer7945d ago

Looking good, and only £20 or on gamepass.

medman45d ago

Will play. Hope to enjoy.

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