DICE: "No Plans" to Use Leaked Battlefield 2042 Santa Skin This Holiday, Shows Incoming Weapon Skins

DICE explains leaked a Battlefield 2042 Santa Clause skin, and says they have "no plans" to use it this holiday. Upcoming new weapon skins shown off.

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LordoftheCritics49d ago

Clearly this is not damage control.

Inverno48d ago

Could've just given it away for free, ya know make the effort to try to convince people that this was a freebie for the holidays and not the start of turning BF into a costume fest like Fortnite. Now you've only made it more obvious

Rachel_Alucard48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

The headline says "No plans to use leaked santa skin" but the actual quote is "and so whilst we have the skins, we presently have no plans to utilize all of them this Holiday."

So once again the headline twists the content of the quote to get people to think the santa skin is being removed when the reality is they are just referring to some other content that was datamined that won't be used. It is clear it's not getting cut just because of that preseason challenge bar on the screen that is tied to their weekly challenge system they are starting next week.

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