Halo Infinite Desync Issue Discovered by Players. 343 Responds

A Halo Infinite desync issue has been discovered by players and it could be a clue to the hit registration problems some players have been dealing with, but there's good news: 343 Industries has been made aware of the situation.

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FPS_D3TH471d ago

Who cares about fixing a game? I don’t understand what having a game on gamepass means in regards to making sure a game runs properly lmfao

Atticus_finch471d ago

The game is obviously unfinished but it doesn'tatter it's FTP and on gamepass. Just ask the xboys.

FPS_D3TH470d ago

Ahhh a PS fanboy. That explains a lot. Get ratioed kid

TheOtherMoon471d ago

Dude, I told you: If you keep putting that plastic bag over your head to play "space-man," you'll have cognitive issues down the line. And here we we are...

Atticus_finch471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

I would actually enjoy that much more than playing a game that wants to charge me for colors. It's FTP thou so we lower the standards.
Have fun with call of duty Halo.

TheOtherMoon465d ago

I would just like to state, as a game pass subscriber, I have never rented furniture. We own all of our furniture. I just...I really want that to be known.

13sentinel471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

I know you were sarcastic, but This comment is EXACTLY why I'm convinced the industry is stuffed if Sony doubles down on a subscription model competitor to gamepass.

jznrpg471d ago

They already have PSNow

471d ago
Atticus_finch471d ago

I agree. Sony is really the only reason I'm still gaming. I hate the direction must publishers are going. Unfinished releases, MTX and GAAS. The golden years of gaming are long gone.

Suave_Langosta471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Been playing since the 15th, only lost connection to a lobby a few times. Other than that where is the incompleteness you claim? I would wait around to find your answer but Im gonna play the so called incomplete game.

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SniperEdition471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

Been playing it religiously, no issues experienced so far, it’s an amazing experience and incredibly addictive. My only gripe is they need to disable cross play with pc

Eamon471d ago

This is my biggest gripe. So many times I'm with full shield, and I face off against someone with no shield and in half a second i lose my shield and die. Unless I was aiming at the moon, it only means that what I see on my system is not what is on the server. Either that guy did have shield and I was seeing something incorrect, or I was in a different position and they had already began shooting at me. Or vice versa.

Lots of people are complaining of getting killed while in cover. And I've noticed a lot of "drunk driving" too. This desync issue explains all of it.

Deathdeliverer471d ago

This not ok, at the same time it’s expected. With it being a free to play model it’s going to have issues. Every free to play game does. Eventually the good ones get to smite, league of legends, Warframe levels of reliability. Anyone that was around for the early days of those games like I was can testify…. it wasn’t always easy to complete a game.
All that being said, Microsoft will make sure it gets to the best it can be. It’s a flagship title for them. Could it have released in better shape, sure. If I had PAID for it I would have been annoyed. As a free to play? Expected.

Bladesfist471d ago

Most pay to play games also have issues. Pretty much all software has issues.