Will Wii Online Stand Up With The Rest?

The editor-in-chief Matt Casamassina and associate editor Mark Bozon go head-to-head on different issues. This week it deals with Wii Online.

"Matt: I don't think it's really fair to make a call at this point in time because Wii's online plan hasn't even begun. And yet, at the same time, that is precisely the problem."

"Furthermore, Nintendo isn't exactly racing to catch up"

"Bozon: While I share a lot of similarities with your opinion Matt, I've got to answer the overall question with a resounding yes. Nintendo is dropping the ball every day that we don't have online Wii Sports."

"Matt: I understand your concerns -- I do. No, really. But let's not forget that Wii has only been on the market for about two months. I don't want to downplay it's online-enabled accomplishments, either. It is Wi-Fi out of the box; it connects to the Internet with a slick version of the Opera browser; it broadcasts semi-timely news and weather forecasts; and you can even download an amazing selection of always-expanding classic titles."

"Bozon: Oh I think it most certainly will be getting better over the next months, years, and generations of systems for Nintendo. My beef with the current issue with online is that it shouldn't have to take this long."

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PS360WII5708d ago (Edited 5708d ago )

All I can say is DS. They sell a lot of them, they can't make enough of them, over 35 million worldwide and about 10% if that go online. Sure it's not a console but it's still the same concept which is gaming. Nintendo doesn't believe that online gaming is that big of an issue. Sure they'll tack it on but on a side note because they want you to have people over and play it. Not have to tell your friends that you need to buy your own console, buy your own online account, and buy that game on your own then we can play together...

They are taking their sweet time to go to online gaming and power to them it's not the end all be all. Lots and lots of people are still into single player campaigns and multiplayer action in house. They have online for the casuals for news, weather, and web which is cool and soon gaming too but remember they aren't trying to win any awards with the online gaming