Moss: Book II Coming to PSVR in Spring 2022

After kicking off PlayStation’s July State of Play with the reveal of Moss: Book II —the highly-anticipated sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed PSVR game ever made— Polyarc can now share with the world that players’ adventures with the beloved hero Quill will continue in spring 2022.

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SullysCigar953d ago

Hell yes, can't wait!

...And yet I will, because I'll play this beauty on my new PSVR2 next year :^)

Neonridr952d ago

Holiday 2022 is my earliest expectation for PSVR2. And even then I'd be surprised.

NecrumOddBoy951d ago

The first game was amazing. Platinum’d it and looking forward to the sequel. These third person style VR experiences are unmatched and really bring the world alive.

jznrpg951d ago

Moss was great . I’m happy to hear they say this game is longer .

Abnor_Mal951d ago

Loved the first game, had me smiling throughout the adventure. Can not wait for the second game to release.

IanTH951d ago

1st one was, indeed, great! It appears this is a timed exclusive to PSVR? No mention of Quest/PCVR, which is a bit of a bummer, but guessing it'll come at some point down the line. I'll be happy to play it wherever, though no PS5 yet. Guess this will come to both PS4/PS5, so I could play it on OG PS4 PSVR if nothing else.

The first worked well with PSVR, but I'm more excited to see what PSVR2 brings and - in the meantime - also hope to hear something about other VR platforms this might come to.

ApocalypseShadow951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

More Moss goodness. Quill was a great character in a diorama like adventure.

I wish I could have said the same for Upload VR's presentation on December 2. Straight up meh. Only thing that stood out was Zenith . The rest was VR phone graphics from 2016. And we all know why. It's 2021 going into 2022. It's time to step up and WOW gamers and make mouths drop.

Gamer79951d ago

After the fall and Lucky's tail both looked good.

ApocalypseShadow950d ago

Seen that 5 years ago. It's just updated.

IanTH951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

I'm a big fan of pushing the visual envelope, don't get me wrong, but it is still surprising to me how effective even old/simple visuals can be in VR. This was brought home to me playing RE4 on Quest 2. Definitely some dated visuals there, but it is still a fun game & the atmosphere is still really convincing. I definitely want the RE7VR/HL:A/etc visual VR treats, but I'm not too bummed as long as the VR implementation is done well.

Still requires quite a lot of grunt to dual render the same scene, do it at 60-120 fps, and at a resolution high enough your eyes won't bleed - looking at you, SkyrimVR on base PS4. Still a miracle it ran, but that was some chunky potato soup of pixels lol. Given that, I'm certainly more lenient on VR graphics.

ApocalypseShadow950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

I like simple game graphics as well. For the past week, I've been playing PS1 C&C Retaliation. I also like say, Super Hot. But most of those games were definitely Quest made in that presentation. Not PC or PSVR powered. And there wasn't anything new in the shooters. Same gameplay we've seen. Pavlov, Firewall, etc embarrass these games like that Nerf game. And Sim City games are okay. But not to buy a headset for. Second, there wasn't anything amazing to draw more gamers into VR. PC is in a drought because of Quest and PSVR is on its way out.

Trust me. When you see what NVGR does for VR, you'll get what I mean. Not just for Indie graphics, but animation, physics, lighting, etc for bigger games.

The fact that the presentation made no blip on the radar as news means it wasn't that special.

IanTH949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

I do definitely hear you about NGVR, as there are a lot of things in there I've experienced between Rift & Index via PCVR; some, if leaks are to be believed, will be better. PSVR is pretty rudimentary as far as VR goes nowadays, but for the time - and the weaker hardware it was chained to - I think it worked phenomenally well. At least as a mostly stationary experience. And the supposedly simpler lenses looked great to my eye over the much ballyhooed fresnel lenses everyone else was using.

But the fact NGVR means there can be not only potentially PSVR level sales of higher end VR equipment, but that each of those will be attached to a pretty high end piece of hardware really gives a different combination of factors for devs to play with. Even on PC, they have to contend with min-spec VR not being all *that* powerful. And while you have a few high-end visual PCVR experiences, but they are mostly undertaken by big corporations that could have weathered a failure, or were writing checks (a la Lone Echo 1 & 2) they could afford to not see returns on yet.

I still think NGVR will see limited experiences taking full advantage of everything, as many will still have to be multiplatform - at least for a while - so will be targeting either PSVR 1, Quest 2, or min-spec PCVR. I'm sure Sony will yet again be the torch-bearer for how complex & visually compelling games can be on the platform, but I'm hopeful for what we'll see out of NGVR for sure.

I think the Quest helped keep the drought from becoming a mass extinction event, but it did limit what the target machine was for new experiences. I'm sad that not even the impressive PSVR numbers were enough to push more creators to make games for it. We may be into the "new gen" now, but if PSVR was selling enough units of software more stuff would still be coming out for it (as we see with cross-gen normal releases). VR is still a struggle overall, and I think we truly need all players in the space to keep it alive.

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