Activision Japan to Close Doors

Although only having begun operations very recently, Activision Japan is reportedly set to close its doors on December 31. A restructuring of business plans in the Asia Pacific region was suggested as the reason.
Activision has several games still announced for the Japanese market, including Lego Batman, which will see release on December 18. Specifics for other future titles will be announced in January. User support will continue until at least March 31.

Information from Microsoft Japan has also been released regarding Activision's closure, indicating that new shipments of Guitar Hero-branded games for Xbox 360 will cease on January 31; all other Activision games will stop shipping on February 28.

Despite Guitar Hero's rampaging success in the West, neither it nor EA's Rock Band ever took off in Japan, with titles in both series selling well below 10,000 copies. A failure to secure home-grown Japanese artists is often cited as a contributing factor.

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