Most Anticipated PlayStation Games For 2022 And Beyond

Sony has a long history of fantastic exclusive games on its consoles, dating back all the way to the original PlayStation with games like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. That has continued for decades, and looking ahead 2022 and beyond, there are a bunch of exciting exclusive or console-exclusive games coming to PS4 and PS5. Not only that, but there are many, many big-name multiplatform games on the way for Sony's console in the time ahead. We're rounding up some of our most-anticipated PlayStation games to look forward to next year and beyond.

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TheEnigma31347d ago

Hopefully i can find a ps5 in 2022 🙄

Army_of_Darkness46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I'm still anticipating an available ps5 at retail price!

dbcoops47d ago

That is an incredible list of games.

Gaming4Life198147d ago

Horizon forbidden west, Ff16 and god of war are top priority for me.

ThePacemaker47d ago

Horizon forbidden west
Elden Ring
Gran Turismo 7
God of war Ragnarok

For me

EvertonFC46d ago

Little devil inside and project athia? Also

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