Battlefield 2042 Feedback Survey Sent Out by EA, Asks About Specialists, Maps & More

Check your inbox, as EA has sent out Battlefield 2042 feedback survey links to players asking about weapon variety, Specialists and more.

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LordoftheCritics45d ago

We getting paid to fix their game?

EvertonFC45d ago

They ever thought of doing a survey before making the game , just a thought 🙄

Profchaos45d ago

But but that idea hasn't been market tested.

EazyC45d ago

They actually did with the beta, and if I recall right completely misrepresented the truth ("overwhelmingly positive response to specialists" etc...fuck me)

jeromeface42d ago

it doesn't matter if they ask us what they think when there isn't time to fix the things we respond with... they should really think about this in the game design stage and not QA

staticall44d ago

They did
Then showed the results
And misrepresented them

They don't need the truth, they'll lie through their teeth for please their investors. And keep in mind, 54% of interviewed preordered the game already before the beta, 37.4% were still playing to buy it after the beta. That's why they released the game, they knew a lot of people would still buy the game, no matter what.

Kaii45d ago

You signed off on the following, maps+specialists+sound design+user Interface+(Removal of ./cough get this LEGACY features, such as leaderboards because peoples feelings might be hurt if they suck)+Added SBMM (It's 64vs64) Basically who can position their bolt vehicle and rain down stun shots from above.

Once I get my T1 vehicle badge I'm out #Thank-GOD

Father__Merrin45d ago

Expand the portal mode with classic maps for each game

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