Fragland: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

Fragland: "Nothing fresh there you say? Well instead of just fighting the witch, you are both captured by the Lord of Games or L.o.G. along with most of the cast from the original games. Everyone is taken to a completely new world filled with a range of awesome game levels featuring different settings and eighties music themes. In comes the big twist: In those worlds you need to complete many tasks and races using vehicles you get to build yourself. He who comes victorious out of Showdown Town will become the owner of Spiral Mountain, the well known home of Banjo."

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InMyOpinion3598d ago

How come all of these 8/10 Banjo reviews come out now and not when the game was released? I wish it was the other way around. People have already made their judgements now even though game is really good.