Sia Dedicates "Fly Me to The Moon" To Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker in Gorgeous Music Video

Today Square Enix released a new music video dedicated to the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker and to the game's long history.

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-Foxtrot50d ago

Pretty nice although it's a strange choice of song since, in my opinion anyway, that this song has attached it's self to Bayonetta more then anything. Everytime I hear it these days I think of that franchise.

Not to mention with Final Fantasy I'd rather they come up with original songs, they did a cover song of Stand By Me for Final Fantasy XV and it just didn't work, nice song by a good band but I'd have preferred an original.

I mean even with Sia they don't need big world wide celebrity singers because people they've used before like Crystal Kay, Yosh, Jade Villalon, Angela Aki, Donna Burke, Susan Calloway etc have proved they are just as good.

Abriael50d ago

Eh, with Fly me to the Moon I think Evangelion, but it fits because we're going to the moon in Endwalker.

Chevalier50d ago

I think of Evangelion too when I see that. It fit when watching the video and the journey of the character I guess. Although this song was also used recently in Squid Games on Netflix

-Foxtrot50d ago

I just meant video games really