Battlefield 2042 Aim Assist Added on Console, Here's How Much "Help" It Adds

DICE has added Battlefield 2042 aim assist on consoles with today's Update #3 roll out. MP1st tests out just how much help it gives controller players.

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Ethereal54d ago

It didn't have aim assist for consoles at launch? lmao

$70 beta test

phoenixwing54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Aim assist isn't a feature it's just a way for noobs not to miss.

Welshy54d ago

99% of all shooters on console have aim assist, being a "noob" has nothing to do with it.

Thumbsticks are just objectively imprecise compared to KB&M so it's especially important in a game with crossplay to maintain some kind of competitive balance.

excaliburps54d ago

What Welshy said. Seeing aim assist and automatically thinking console gamers or those who need them are noobs is just toxicity, and inane way of thinking...

Teflon0254d ago

While all shooters have it. I had no issues shooting on console before. Didn't seem like an issue. Swear they never really had it in Bad Company games either

Ethereal54d ago

BFBC2 had aim assist on console.

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DarthZoolu54d ago

If we didn’t have crossplay we wouldn’t have to worry about Aim Assist as much. I am so sick and tired of playing with computer guys on Consoles. I am so tired of the cheaters in every game

Gardenia53d ago

If you are on console you always want to turn off cross play in shooters. PC always has the advantage with higher frame rate and overall performance if they have a good PC.
And then there are the hackers and cheaters of course like you said.

SmoothC91152d ago

Exactly, that was the first thing I did

53d ago