Epic Games Store Free games | 2nd December - 9th December

The Epic Games Store provides free games on a weekly basis, and the service looks set to run up until the end of 2021 at the very least. This week we have a Horror favourite and a mind bending hacking experience

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ocelot0747d ago

Dead by Daylight and while True: Learn – Data Scientist Edition

Really enjoy Dead by Daylight if your on pc and never tried it. Give it ago just be aware it's online only.

slowgamer47d ago

Thanks for the heads up. Also it would seem that next week there is that controversial godfall challenger edition.

OtterX47d ago

Godfall Challenger Edition free for next week on Epic Games Store. Lol, to rub salt in the wound of our PS+ Lineup this month. :\

iraqmilner47d ago

I really enjoyed Dead by Daylight on PC as well. To be honest, I enjoyed it primarily because I cheated my brains out with a trainer. Unlimited ammo, items that do not break, etc. It was amazingly fun! I highly suggest if you're going to play Dead by D (O_o), use a trainer!

ocelot0746d ago

You sure your thinking of the right game?

As none of what you said makes no sense for dead by daylight lol. Only weapons on the game is what the killers use and they don't break?

Plus if you used trainer/cheats you would of been perma banned since it's a online only game. So I guess you are thinking of the wrong game lol.

1nsomniac46d ago

Full of shit, attention seeking trying to poorly troll the pc scene.