Does Doom Still Have It's Charm After 30 Years?

"Almost 30 years ago, id Software released what is still considered one of the most defining and important games in video game history. I am of course talking about Doom." Hunter @ Thumb Culture

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MWH45d ago

i think it still does, and will always do.. until all of its generation of gamers is gone, then who cares.

Knightofelemia45d ago

I prefer the older DOOM like the old PC port use to get in shit playing it in computer class. DOOM running on SNES was good use to rent it all the time. I have DOOM 64, DOOM on 32X, Sega Saturn I bought the old DOOM on XB1 when it went on sale I enjoy it. I tried the new DOOM out just wasn't my cup of tea.

Dan5044d ago

Hell yeah, I was just playing it yesterday!