The Matrix Awakens Leaked on PSN Backend, Runs on Unreal Engine 5

Something called The Matrix Awakens was leaked on the PSN backend, with the tagline being "An Unreal Engine 5 Experience."

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Nitrowolf255d ago

Yeah it is odd, but the leak been backed up by Ps Game sizes who also keeps track of that stuff.

Probably some short cinematic tie-in tbh

AirJohnston54d ago

Yeah cause they're highlighting the name of their engine. Pretty simple lol if someone tried faking this why would they do that if they wanted to make them match

GhostofHorizon55d ago

Keeping my expectations low on this because they call it an experience. It could be a full blown game, it could also be something else.

sourOG55d ago

Yeah…most likely something else

generic-user-name55d ago

If it's not, it really should be.

rockwhynot55d ago

I played the Bajesus out of the original two on Xbox. My friends would plead with me to put it down and hang out with them instead. I'm like "Kay but first I need to snipe this airplane tire."

pr33k3355d ago

would not be surprising if it is. keanu wore a vr headset in the movie trailer, so maybe they would tie that into this.

Nitrowolf255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Likely not since this is for the PS five

Has there been any native PlayStation five releases that are VR?

Like if this was just a PS4 version they found I would say yes

ApocalypseShadow55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Could be a future announcement for NGVR(PSVR 2).

It would blow me away to be in a Matrix VR game running on PS5.

First thing I thought when I saw the article title is that it was hopefully for VR.

I remember years ago when Sony ran a demo of the Matrix running at Siggraph using PS2 systems running together.
Which let them later to multi core programming.

Orchard54d ago

Some info on this is already available to UE5 registered devs (those registered for closed platforms like PS/Xbox/Switch, not the public GitHub version of UE).

It isn't a VR experience, just a playable tech demo that shows off the new UE5 features - also coming to PC & XSS/XSX.

iplay1up254d ago

Like, totally! Like for sure!

ajax1755d ago

damn it, I just want to play Enter the Matrix again. I know it was buggy as fuck, but it was strangely fun. I wish it was backwards compatible on Xbox...

generic-user-name55d ago

Was it buggy? I remember ETM feeling polished, Path of Neo on the other hand felt a little rougher but was still fun.

ajax1755d ago

I remember it being fairly buggy when I played it on my PS2. Maybe it played better on other platforms?

iplay1up254d ago

Dude, we are likely, IN A MATRIX. Oh wait, maybe not. I can't do slo mo ####. 🤣

sourOG54d ago

I was 80% sure rocksteady was making a matrix game. The movie coming out, rocksteady was a perfect fit for a studio burned out on Batman. It’s a WB studio so no weird licensing bullshit. Whoever didn’t make that happen should be fired imo. Suicide squad…

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The story is too old to be commented.