Sony Is Offering Judgment As a Bonus Game For PlayStation Plus Asia and Japan

While Sony is offering Godfall Challenger Edition, Mortal Shell, and Lego DC Super-Villains for the world, Asian subscribers are getting more for PlayStation Plus.

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SegaSaturn669960d ago

JESUS. Christcentered gaming needs to do something about this injustice.

neomahi959d ago

What do they have to do with anything? That seems like the most hypocritical group anyway.

LucasRuinedChildhood960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

Considering that Godfall Challenger Edition is just a glorified demo for a bad game, and we're not getting Judgement either, Mortal Shell better have the free PS5 upgrade for us at least.

ThePacemaker960d ago

I wish this is the case, but considering the release of FF7R PS4 version on PSPlus earlier this year. That won’t happen unfortunately.

Viljong959d ago

Psplus games have free update if available Psnow doesnt update games even if there is ps5 version like avengers or borderlands you only get ps4 version no matter what.

Atleast shadow of tombraider updated while it was released as a ps4 game on psplus.

ThePacemaker959d ago

“Psplus games have free update if available Psnow doesnt update games even if there is ps5 version like avengers or borderlands you only get ps4 version no matter what.

Atleast shadow of tombraider updated while it was released as a ps4 game on psplus.”


My dear, regarding PSplus’s shadow of tomb raider update, this patch what released for this ps4 game to render it 4k/60. But the case is different here. Mortal Shell PS5 version is a rightful Ps5 game called “Mortal Shell enhanced edition”. In other words, it is a separate game. Just like what happened with FF7Remake ps4 edition which was given with PSplus & FF7R intergrade which is a ps5. You couldn’t update it to intergrade unless you bought the ps4 game. I wish you are right, but I doubt it will happen.

dbcoops960d ago

If it's such a "bad game" why is everyone getting bent over it being a "demo"? Its like people really really wanted the full version of that "bad game" they don't like.

Taero959d ago

Probably because if they're going to offer that game as one of the three for the month it should a)be a decent to good game and b) actually be the game. I see why they're doing it but it does kind of set the precedence that publishers could get away with making a new 'version' of the game with pieces removed and then hope for purchases to unlock the 'full' game. Even if godfalls campaign is shite.

AirJohnston959d ago

Because it sets a horrible precedent dude. Doesn’t matter how good or bad it is, why are they putting not even half of a game the Plus game of the month when we’re paying for better?

Class_Viceroy959d ago

Hah, quite true. They have a fun lego game, and Mortal Shell which is a good game and they chose to focus on a demo. I actually think it would be pretty cool if we started seeing more tailored demos on the service. I miss the days of getting demo CDs inside of games I bought back in the day on PS. We have a whole generation of gamers who don't even know what demos are anymore so they don't know how to react to them.

I actually bought Godfall when it was on sale for $30 or $40 a few months back on the PS4. I've enjoyed myself with it. It was exactly what I was expecting. A looter fighter with good combat and cheesy/bad story.

Sometimes you can enjoy a game more when you distance yourself from other people's opinions. I love buying games a year later.

Class_Viceroy959d ago

Wow, entitled much?

Regardless of anything else, your subscription that you pay $40-60 a year for, just gave you a pretty decent game in Mortal Shell with a MSRP of $30. Even if it doesn't have a PS5 upgrade you're getting great value.

Love how people complain about these free games every month like it's a lifeline, when in reality we get between $500-1,000 a year in value for paying like $50 a year.

AllThingsShining959d ago

How are they free if we pay for them.

LucasRuinedChildhood959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

No one here is being entitled. Sony said we'd get a PS5 game every month, and this Challenger Edition is just a demo (the campaign is removed) to try sell the actual game which isn't good.

There's nothing wrong with having standards. If you look through my comments this year, I was heavily praising PS Plus because I was being honest then and I'm being honest now. In the past, they wouldn't even allow a game this bad on there, evening guaranteeing a Metacritic score of 75 and higher. Godfall has a 61.

Also, I subscribed to PS Plus at the beginning so I remember what PS Plus was like at its very best, e.g. in 2013 https://psplusinfo.com/game... I don't have auto-renew turned on so if my subscription lapsed before this month, I'd consider waiting until next month to re-subscribe.

Traecy960d ago

Sony needs to do this for the USA including other countries.

autobotdan960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

Sony doesn't need to do anything at all. Sony is dominating the console market and that is not going to change. Sony can stop giving away free monthly Playstation Plus games and Playstation 5 will still stay number one in the world

People on N4G want Playstation to dominate so much. There is this very old classic Nine Inch Nails song that had these exact lyrics- 'Bow down before the one you serve, your going to get what you deserve..'

Traecy960d ago (Edited 960d ago )

You're entitled to your comment just as I'm entitled to mine. Again...as a faithful PS+ customer seeing that Sony has given Asia another game due to the half version of Godfall Sony needs to do this in all territories that have PS+. NIN song "Head Like A Hole" has nothing to do with it. Try again.

Elda960d ago

Nope. Sony needs to do this for all PS+ customers.

Dandalandan117960d ago

You do realized that these companies are making more money out of subscriptions and services rather than console hardware sales right?

Silly gameAr960d ago

And that's a scary fact.

Taero959d ago

Eh, one of the reasons I'm on Playstation right now (apart from having it since psone so nostalgia and familiarity) is that PS+ gives free games each month, when money is tight I know that even if I don't like everything there will probably be something that I can play. If they had said "Yeah so for PS5 we're going to not give you any games, PS+ is just for multiplayer" then I would have given serious thought to jumping to MS. It's just a machine, I don't owe allegiance to whatever rich guy greenlit it.

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autobotdan960d ago

Again Sony doesn't need to do anything because every Playstation console owner is forced to subscribe to Playstation Plus to play games online. There are alot of Playstation console owners and many are still trying to purchase a Playstation 5. Most people that purchase a Playstation 5 will subscribe to Playstation Plus to play online. And that is alot of people. Faithful subscribers will get some good months and bad months of free games. Try again

Traecy960d ago

Again...all PS+ customers should get the game Judgement just as Asia PS+ customers did..period.

CptDville959d ago

Thank God you do not need to pay Live Gold over Xbox and that Xbox Series X availability around the world is super good. I'm also happy that Live Gold praise its players with super duper good games! Not only that, Switch Oled is quite easy to find and Nintendo Online subscription is super kind with lots of freebies, no subscription DLC and availability of retro gaming for free! I thank Playstation for making its competitors life so easy to win the subscription program offers.

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NeoGamer232960d ago

Because it would break their budget to bring it to NA?