Battlefield 2042 Santa Clause Skin and Other Festive Camos Accidentally Revealed

A Battlefield 2042 Santa Clause skin for Boris has unintentionally been revealed, along with other pre-season festive rewards.

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Ethereal48d ago

Welp. There it is. I guess it was just a matter of time. COD 2.0. Waiting for the pink neon guns next.

kingeliran48d ago

this is no longer a BF game...

LordoftheCritics47d ago

What have they done?

My fav mp shooter just got shot in the head.

Ethereal47d ago

Did you see the Christmas tank skin.... *facepalm*

I've been playing BF since 1942 and this is the first time it has hit me personally that the all out warfare and focus on realism (to an extent) has been completely tossed out the window for a simple "Hey, COD can do it, so can we!" mentality. It's clear as day who the target audience is and it's not old school BF players. Sad day.

LordoftheCritics47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I saw that OMG

Battlefield always had that realistic warfare tone. They kept pushing animation tech, rendering etc and make it feel authentic with even the best sound in the game industry. They used to win best sound annually.

Battlefield is beginning to feel unrecognizable. Its just the engine that looks like battlefield now.