New Spider-Man PS5 vs Marvel’s Avengers Comparison Shows the Superiority of Insomniac’s Spider-Man

A new Spider-Man PS5 comparison video compares Spidey from Insomniac's hit title to Peter Parker in Marvel's Avengers on PS5.

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MaximusPrime_56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Spiderman on the Marvel's Avengers can swing freely. Basically find an invisible building to fire your web at. So unrealistic..

Z50156d ago

A man crawling on walls is realistic?

Jin_Sakai56d ago

More realistic than a web hanging from thin air while Spider-Man is swinging.

slavish056d ago

lol, good point. it's not real

hesido56d ago

That's not how "suspense of disbelief" works though. There are still rules within the universe. So the explanation could be as simple (and ludicrous) as the "web creates a portal at its edge to another parallel universe where there are buildings there" and it would still be better than it clinging to nothing. Just establish the rules.

MaximusPrime_56d ago

@ Z501. wow. It seems you didn't use your eyes and brain. The video clearly shows Spiderman swinging in mid air with no buildings nearby to attached web to for next swinging. I'm talking about Marvel's Avenger game. It's terrible. This is why Spiderman by Insomniac is way better.

Gamer7955d ago

So you expect them to remake the entire avengers game for spiderman. 😂

cartoonx156d ago

there is no real spiderman anyway, so both are unrealistic.

DeusFever56d ago

Yeah but I don’t want to have to run while Iron Man and Thor are flying. Also, Spider-man can hover while aiming his webs just like in Insomniac’s game, even though you can’t slow down time in a multiplayer game. All in all, not the worst copy of Insomniac’s work.

gamer780456d ago

its true, but they tried to cram a ton of super heroes into a single game and Spiderman was really just shoehorned in to get money from Sony and as gimmick to push gamers unaware that there wouldn't be any story attached to buy the playstation version. We all knew how this was going to turn out... badly.

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Darkborn56d ago

We all knew it was going to be a hack job, but it still is free content and a new hero. This game needs a lot more to be actuslly decent though. The raid is a step in the right direction. I'm just excited to see insomniacs version of wolverine.


Was a side by side even necessary?


One is a team brawler, and the other is an open-world version of NYC. That alone sets them apart.

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