Don’t Expect the Steam Deck to Get Exclusive Game

In a new FAQ for developers, Valve confirmed the upcoming Steam Deck handheld will not get exclusive video games.

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Outlawzz56d ago

Steam deck is made to play games on steam. Why would they segregate their player base into sections.

OhReginald56d ago

The whole point of the steam deck is to play your steam library on a handheld. Obviously there wouldn't be

JCOLE1319556d ago

I don’t think anyone expected exclusives on steam deck.

NotoriousWhiz56d ago

No, but every now and then "journalists" choose to ask dumb questions.

gazgriff2k1256d ago

its a portable pc why would it have exclusive games. are people really so retarded?

Terry_B56d ago


Terry_B56d ago

No Problem. Steam has basically tons of exclusives anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.