Hands On With Razer's Snapdragon G3x Handheld Gaming Device

IGN : Razer and Qualcomm have teamed up to create the Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 developer kit, a handheld gaming device that runs Android games natively and streaming games via Xbox Game Pass and Steam in-home streaming.

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ABizzel1423d ago

It looks like a Cellphone wrapped in a Kishi controller lol. The design needs improvement.

There's potential here. Even though the specs haven't been released it's pretty clear where the performance of this lies if it's better than the Snapdragon 888+, especially if they finally upgraded the Adreno GPU to a 5nm version as well. This sits right behind the original Xbox One with a slightly weaker but significantly more power efficient GPU, less and more than likely slower RAM, but a more powerful CPU.....but one that's designed for mobile multitasking rather than brute force.

The problems this face is it's much too late to the party. People have Steam Decks ordered which are better in every way except maybe battery life in comparison. A Switch successor is getting closer and closer (a year to a year and a half at most) and that will offer similar performance possibly more if using NVIDIA Orin along with a $299 - $399 price tag.

There's little to no market for this when it launches on the consumer side of things because the tech in it even at cost puts it in Switch 2 and lowest SKU Steam Deck territory. However, I don't think this is what this is for. The Android OS needs a lot of work done to get it's gaming performance up to par to be considered an actual gaming platform in the realm of PC and console. It's still a free for all there, but it has gotten significantly better than where it was a few years ago. This device seems to be giving developers a standard to aim for when developing Android games, that will hopefully lead to standardized tools and support for the platform (which helps everyone), and set standards and consistent quality for the Android gaming ecosystem.