Video Game Jocks Podcast Episode 28

In this episode the Video Game Jocks talk about the PS3 and Wii Droughts, Jack Tretton, Crackdown Achievements, the Microsoft Rewards Program and more.

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BrotherSic4899d ago

Another good episode, i dont know why more people dont listen, alot better than most of the poor podcasts out there

THAMMER14899d ago

They are good at what they do. I down load evey show.

BrotherSic4899d ago

I am not sure what the ending of this episode was all about though haha

I guess its pretty biased towards 360 but these guys are defiantly gamers so its cool to hear honest opinions.

Is anyone going to ring and leave them a message?

THAMMER14899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

I would love to get on the cast and hear the Joks Pual R. and V Man have got to say about my crazy @ss.

BrotherSic4899d ago

give them a drunken call, I am sure you they will put you on, I would call but i cant in Ireland. I guess I could use skype but its so unreliable

dude8194899d ago

hey guys, it's paul (hamm3rofgod) and i just wanted to let everyone know that the number for voicemail is 646-873-4239 and you can also now leave us skype voicemail. our name on skype is videogamejocks (duh!) and you just call and it goes to voicemail. i will be personalizing the voicemail tonight but for now (it's 5:00 est thurs) it is the generic voice. enjoy and hope to hear from you.