EA JP Apologizes for Battlefield 2042 Stream Issues, Apologizes for Game's Problems

EA Japan has apologized for the troubled Battlefield 2042 stream event, as well as the game's current issues and problems.

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Runechaz49d ago

Yeah Yeah.. Every new BF game have the same apologies every time... Maybe trying to learn from the old mistake would help to not repeat them...

Army_of_Darkness48d ago

Easier to apologize than to actually fix the problems 😉🤣

bradfh48d ago

Why fix the problems when people buy your game knowing it's trash. people should stop pre-ordering and buying games that are not finished yet

Sgt_Slaughter49d ago

BF3, BF4, BFV, and now BF2042. I can't believe one group can have this consistent of problems with their main franchise every time at launch (or for years like BF4 and BFV).

melons48d ago

BF3 and BF4 eventually went on to be all-timers though...BFV and 2042 are just absolutely broken in their fundamental designs.