PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S vs Switch Launch Sales Comparison Through Week 54

Through the first 54 weeks available worldwide the Nintendo Switch is ahead of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The Switch is ahead of the PS5 by 0.35 million units and is 6.03 million units ahead of the Xbox Series X|S. The PS5 is ahead of the Xbox Series X|S by 5.68 million units.

The Switch has sold 15.26 million in 54 weeks worldwide, while the PS5 sold 14.91 million units and the Xbox Series X|S 9.23 million units.

Looking at the marketshare through 54 weeks, the Switch currently leads. The Switch has a 38.7 percent marketshare, the PS5 sits at 37.9 percent, and the Xbox Series X|S at 23.4 percent.

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darthv7255d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Switch actually dropped a bit this year from last. They did 28m+ in 2020 but this year they came up short at just over 18.4m currently while both PS5 and Series doubled their previous years totals.

Orbilator54d ago

Not really sure why they switch is part of the numbers of percentage of market.

Most people I know have a switch as well as either a ps4 or Xbox. Switch is a console on its own so for that reason it should have 100% market sure, which it does, but bundling it with the main consoles is a mistake to me.

zacfoldor54d ago

What dates is that 18.4m figure from? Does that include Black Friday and beyond? Is it apples to apples from the previous full fiscal year? What is the estimate for the full fiscal year if 18.4m is "currently"?

where-eagles-dare55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Although I fully appreciate these numbers are all that we have to go on, they are nevertheless total and utter horse sh*t. For a more accurate reflection of the real numbers, what I tend to do is subtract 150,000+ from the Xbox total & add 150,000+ to the PS total.

chobit_A5HL3Y55d ago

it’s pretty pointless to even do these sales charts since the two biggest companies sell 100% of their stock instantly.

BenRC0155d ago

Utterly pointless as stock is THE SOLE FACTOR. Click bait for fanboys and dimwits

fivefingersexports54d ago

It's almost meaningless, actually the two largest firms sell all of their stock at once.

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