Turn Your Xbox Series S Portable With This 12.5" IPS Monitor Attachment

G-STORY is selling an Xbox Series S portable monitor that turns your console into an all-in-one gaming wonder, on-the-go.

darthv72554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

this one is slightly different from the one I saw on kickstarter. i like that one better than this one.


Sciurus_vulgaris554d ago

I wonder why MS hasn’t made surface laptop with the exact same specs as the series S?

annoyedgamer554d ago

They could make a surface book that has an RTX 3060 in the base and connects via thunderbolt. But so far they don't seem to care about innovation much.

porkChop554d ago

Because they use regular Intel or AMD APUs which have slower, more efficient integrated GPUs. They technically could throw the Series S APU in there if they wanted to.

But how would they deal with the heat and battery drain? Surface Laptops aren't meant to be like gaming "laptops" that essentially need to be plugged in 24/7.

spoonard554d ago (Edited 554d ago )

No mention of pricing...I can imagine it's being sold on eBay right now for about 3 or 4x the actual retail value. The Series X one is on eBay now for a sweet deal at $436.27.../s