Can WWE 2K22 Make Up For Past Mistakes?

There's a lot of repair work ahead, but Visual Concepts is putting forward its best effort to right the WWE 2K ship.

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Terry_B56d ago

It can..but it won't. I bet my house in South Town that it will get a lot of 5 of 10 review scores.

Relientk7756d ago

I'm genuinely curious how many of the wrestlers WWE released this year will actually be in the game.

RetroCaptainSteve56d ago

That's something I was wondering as well. The roster's been shaken up so much with releases.

nevin155d ago

Probably will be replace by different versions of the same character. So expect 10 Undertakers

TheRealTedCruz56d ago

Yeah; by making a game worth playing.
Ball is in your court.

Antnee53455d ago

I don't think so this game will most likely be just a smidge better than wwe wwe 2k20 and starting in 2 games time if they keep doing major improvements like they shown in the last trailer it might have slight chance.

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