Did 343 Just Forget To Give Damage To Half Of The Guns In Halo Infinite?

At least eight of the weapons in Halo Infinite are massively underperforming, especially the Ravager, Hydra, and Needler.

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Jin_Sakai48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I get easy kills with most guns in the game bar the commando. That gun needs a buff. The hammer could also use a small buff. I’ve literally hit people dead on and they walk away.

Vits48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Really? The commando is my current best weapon, easier to hit the head with it and overall my best performer.

I do agree with the Ravager from the article. So far is the only weapon that I avoid picking because well... it doesn't do much damage. It is slow and the lock-on feature is rather useless. As for the hammer, I think there is something wrong with its hit detection as I have had similar results: sometimes I hit people a bit far away and they die meanwhile I often hit someone dead centre on the head and they just keep walking. But is so inconsistent that I feel is more likely to be a bug.

Jin_Sakai48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I have got a few head shots with the Ravenger and destroyed a vehicle or two but man it’s hard the get a kill with. The needler also needs to ramp up the fire rate as you shoot like Halo 3.

Vits48d ago


The needle as it is right now is an "opportunity weapon". But I do agree that they should ramp up the fire rate to make it more consistent. But overall I feel most guns in Infinite have a niche where they work well.
Just so happen that some guns are usable in more situation than others.

--Onilink--47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The Ravager only seems to be good in terms of creating that AoE damage over objectives to keep people out but straight up killing with it is basically impossible.

The only other guns I never use are the Plasma pistol (this one is the only one I feel is truly useless) and the Pulse carbine, which yes, is “technically “ good to pop shields and can take someone in 3 bursts, but the projectiles are so slow it’s extremely easy to avoid most of them.

All other guns, no idea what the article is complaining about.
Hydra is great for taking out air vehicles and even other players if you keep your distance.
Needler has good tracking and its easy to trigger the explosion.
Commando is good if you can control the recoil.
Shotgun, yes its not 1HKO up close, but then again, if you are that close that you want to 1HKO, you can just melee after the shot for the kill anyway (like with the Mangler)

Gaming4Life198147d ago

I've learned to break shields first then switch to the other weapons for the kill including the commando. The commando should be more powerful imo but it's a great reliable weapon.

It's a few weapons like the cindershot that you have to hit dead on to get kills with.

Concertoine47d ago

The trick with the cindershot is to aim for the ground and let it bounce before it hits. Or even bounce off walls on to objectives. I dont use the ADS function it has, too weird. I get a killing spree every time i grab it just using the hipfire.

patrick147d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I second that with the commando. The concept is great and it's awesome to use but I always seem to never be able to finish people off. The needler is abysmal for some strange reason and I can never tell if I'm dealing damage with the Ravenger. Maybe I'm using them wrong but it does need to be looked at. I do seem to dominate with the Hydra though.

moomoo31947d ago

This is one of the most brolic needler editions thus far the thing has target lock on. Its fine.

Youngindy2147d ago

I agree. I actually use the needler a lot.

GortJester47d ago

I agree with this article honestly. I’ll take my downvotes with pride on this one. I was quite surprised how useless a lot of weapons are. Shame

NeoGamer23247d ago

You do realize it is still in Beta right? These are the kinds of things betas find.

Assess the quality on Dec 8th when the product is officially released. Right, now though during beta that is what betas are for is to find stuff they may have overlooked.

Concertoine47d ago

Idk, on some level it feels like ppl are expecting this to be COD or BF where guns are balanced around each other. Old school Halo has always had situational weapons and you keep a BR for 80% of engagements. The brute shot for example was perfect for pushing ppl off of objectives or derailing vehicles, not so much in 1v1 situations.

The Ravager is very useful for area denial, Hydra for aerial vehicles, Heatwave and Cindershot for doing damage around corners etc.

Some tweaks need to be made but situationally players are still figuring out where these guns fit.

FinalFantasyFanatic46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Personally I find the Assault rifle to be the most reliable/flexible weapon, and it's your starting weapon, I score alot of kills with just that rifle alone.

There are other weapons that out perform it in sheer damage like the rocket launcher/skewer/battle rifle/energy sword, but every other weapon is just so meh, to the point where I just don't bother with picking them up as the Assault Rifle is a more reliable kill.

HellspawnPR198147d ago


-Rocket Launcher


-VK78 Commando

supersonicjerry47d ago

shotgun does not need a buff its good exactly where its at. its literally a 3 shot kill or one shot, one punch combo. If the shotgun gets buffed to a two shot it needs to be a power weapon and not a pick up off the wall weapon.

babadivad47d ago

Now one should survive a point black shotgun blast. In the Bungie days, if you were close enough to melee attack someone, the shotgun will kill in one shot.

TheColbertinator47d ago

Grenades are fine especially for setting up ambushes. The rest I agree.

Suave_Langosta47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

This author doesn’t seem to know how to play halo. Are the weapons all A+? No not by any means but, I disagree with them besides the ravenger.

Hydra: lock on is great in BTB, take out wasps in a flash.

Needler: just unload the clip, they will follow the target and you’ll see the pink mist. It’s not suppose to be a rifle replacement.

Shotgun: yeah two shots is good, I’ve gotten bulltrues with it plenty. I miss the old shotty, but idk I always pick it up when I have a BR.

Plasma pistol: yeah it’s weak but I use it to pop shields or neutralize vehicles.

“ But the other options are just so much more reliable.”
Yeah the author isn’t a good halo player if this is the case, I rarely ever keep the default weapons. The ar and pistol both are plenty capable, but not counting the ravenger, disrupter pistol, and stalker rifle (mainly Bc idk how to use them proplerly) the weapons are good.

The gameplay of the game is hands down fluid and strong, it’s the rest of the game that deserves to be critiqued. I am okayish with the abysmal BP, the customization is lacking, but all in all I’m okay with the state of the game. I don’t think the gameplay is an issue really.

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