505 Games and MercurySteam Set to Develop and Publish a new Action RPG for Consoles, PC

The developer of Metroid Dread, MercurySteam, has been confirmed to currently be working with Control Publisher 505 Games on a new Action RPG project that will be released on consoles and PC. This project, known as "Project Iron", is a new third-person action RPG "set in a dark fantasy world".

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isarai45d ago

OH SNAP! color me excited! Honestly think mercurysteam has some major talent, and i'm glad to finally see them get a chance at another big title since lords of shadow.

jznrpg45d ago

Interested because it’s an rpg but with no info at all who knows . Dread was pretty good but it’s a side scroller and totally different from a 3D action rpg game .