5 Video Games We'd Love To See as Movies

WGTC: “Video games are only getting better and better, so it only makes sense that some of these popular ones get adapted into films.”

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Nacho_Z46d ago

I've always fancied a Dark Souls film. Light on dialogue and heavy on the dark and twisted side of the series with plenty of gory action. Plenty of lore to dive into and show us some of the intriguing stuff that is only hinted at.

specialguest45d ago

It would be a good film to make, but it's crucial that the director and producer nail the DS atmosphere down. The feeling of despair, loneliness at some points, darkness encompassing the broken land that was once at the height of its golden age, awe inspiring terror from those huge boss/monsters, brutality, and a glimmer of hope

Nacho_Z45d ago

I wouldn't have a lot of faith that they'd do it justice but if they could it'd have the potential to be a great and unique film.

If they could get Miyazaki on board to help make it I'd be optimistic that they'd get it right.

Rebel_Scum45d ago

They’d only fuck up Mass Effect tbh.