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It astounds the boys at Green Dragon that Cyberpunk 2077 is receiving praise a year after its release. This week we get right back into all the reasons why Cyberpunk is an excellent game, delving into the distinction between the form vs matter of a work of art. Also featuring a discussion of how Cyberpunk treats the individuation of the human intellect by matter.

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locomorales56d ago

I agree. When we remove what's bad, what's left is great, good, or average.

Atom66655d ago

Agreed. It also doesn't get enough credit for for bringing us back to a good pacing in an open world.

There's plenty to keep you busy, but 40 hours can get you through the story, most big side missions, and the companion missions. There's not a huge amount of useless bloat to throw off the narrative.

mkis00755d ago

Night City was billed as this living entity, I at least expected NPC routines.

55d ago
Atom66655d ago

Haha, nope. I found a lot to enjoy about it.

I'm sure all of you guys played it too, but it's ok that we have different opinions about games we play.

Zhipp55d ago

NPCs had routines in The Witcher 1. Do they seriously not in this game?

Yui_Suzumiya54d ago

I'm with you on this brother. Those boring and forgettable games made by Rockstar and Ubisoft could learn alot from Cyberpunk.

dreamoner54d ago

Throw every frikin little low effort content/activity to your face from the get go, fixers keep bothering you on top of that and that is good pacing? Lmao

Atom66654d ago

Yes, it is.

The "filler" are 2min little pieces of action.

Missions from fixers are divided out by difficulty to help you pace out where you are in the leveling.

All easily ignored if you just want to stick to the main quests that don't require excessive filler for leveling. They struck the balance between having too little to occupy the ADD crowd nd having too much for the OCD crowd.

I think my final clock time was like 45 hours and I completely all of the major-moderate missions.

Compare that to every other open world game we've played in the last 10 years.

It's not perfect by any means, and they deserve the backlash for the bugs. But the hate over the actual game is confusing to me.

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Yui_Suzumiya54d ago

Damn.. I actually thought someone here had a brain cell and wasn't following the hate mob like all the other sheep on this site. I was about to praise you until I saw you were being ironic, lol. I own the game for a base PS4 and haven't had any issues like other people.

dbcoops54d ago

When we remove whats bad we're left with the box art. ;)

NeoGamer23254d ago (Edited 54d ago )

That is like saying the house is really nice, except the construction done is falling apart.

Good is not only gameplay, story, etc. It is also whether it was well-constructed to begin with. Cyberpunk just wasn't ready to ship and they tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. I applaud gamers that chose not to accept that and reviewers who knocked it because it wasn't ready yet.

Too many games ship not nearly done yet now-a-days. At least on XB there is Game Preview, I think more games should be declared in Preview when they ship.

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Snakeeater2554d ago

Am sure you didn’t even played it more than 1 hour

Terry_B55d ago


Most people that trashed the game never played it and just judged it by the videos with the bugs.

neutralgamer199255d ago

So all those bugs and glitches being shown in videos and social media were not there? I don't understand what you point is. That's why the game is $10

porkChop55d ago

That's not what they meant. The game was broken and extremely buggy. They've polished it up a bit but it still has a long way to go. But the point is that the actual game itself, when working correctly, was very good. Yet most people that never actually played it claim the game was terrible even without the bugs.

TinkerNation55d ago

Most people only ever encounter a few of those bugs in their entire playthroughs. I played the game about a month after launch and didn't have any problems. But it's easy to make a compilation of bugs when you combine ones from hundreds of different people.

55d ago
Omegasyde55d ago

So looking at the videos and reviews, I should cast those off and just buy the game?

Game was trashed for a reason and still needs a lot of work a year later. Not just for bugs but lots of “missing advertised features”.

GameZenith55d ago

You mean the same "missing" features that was under the "not final, things are subject to change" label that was stamped on all gameplay videos?

neutralgamer199255d ago


Yes yes the same because if CDPR were so honest why didn't they allow any console footage? How anyone can defend these games which are clearly launching in a unfinished state is beyond me

They hid the actual gameplay of all console versions because they knew what state the game was in and instead showed only high end PC footage

It was one of the select few games where YouTubers and big gaming sites all agreed it launched clearly needing more time to polish

There is a reason so many big games now launch unfinished because gamers are willing to pay full price to buy and test the games for the developers and provide feedback for them to actually fix the games

We as a community are so split on which box is better that now micro transactions are defended by saying no one is forcing you to buy. But than UBI went a step further and added MT in single player games. Either pay for XP boosters or grind playing the fetch quests

What use to be unlockables and or cheat codes are now micro transactions and we as gamers are so busy defending these practices that publishers don't care

Yui_Suzumiya54d ago

My man! Someone I can agree with. People are sheep remember? Mob mentality and whatnot. That's all I can deduce since I own a last gen version and it's been fine since being patched.

dbcoops54d ago

I played it for a bit until I decided to stop and wait for a next gen upgrade. I don't trash it but I was definitely disappointed and can see why others would trash it.

GameZenith54d ago

Get a PC which is what the best experience is anyways.

Even the next gen upgrade will be inferior to the PC experience.

Most people complaining are console owners.

dbcoops54d ago


I have a PC a very capable one but I prefer to play on console and I had already bought it for Playstation and had no desire to buy it twice.

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Vithar55d ago

if they would not have released old gen, the story would be very different now. I played on PS5 and had a very good experience.

Sashamaz55d ago

If you ignore the bugs and focus only on the game play and story, then cyberpunk is average at best.

CS755d ago

That’s not true.

I played on PS5 and had 4 crashes in three hours with tons of bugs with sub-par blurry 1080p graphics.

Applied for refund as soon as it was available.

GameZenith54d ago

Thats why you get a PC to have the ideal experience.

TheRealTedCruz55d ago

Damn. Guess I didn't consider fairly subpar.