Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Just Got Way Better

The new model speeds the process up significantly. For your first game of the day, you’ll earn 300XP. The second and third will net you 200XP a pop. Games four through six, 100XP each.

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Watch Out!!! Sony butthurt fanboys are on their way to downvote every positive comment and news.

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Or maybe people have legitimate criticism of what remains pretty poor system, criticism =/= hate. Boosted XP for 6 matches does nothing for a die hard fan who is going to play long sessions and see virtually nothing in return for their time investment in the game.

The whole first 6 matches thing is dangerously close to daily log ins you'd see in a mobile game that exist purely for "engagement" and forcing you to come back more frequently.

What if you only have 1 day per week to play and want to play a good 6-8+ hour session that day? You're going to progress at a snails pace and it's going to put people off. "Fanboyism" doesn't even come into it.


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Putting on PS5 is another step in the right direction so the player base can grow.

anast18d ago

How many years has it been?


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