Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Just Got Way Better

The new model speeds the process up significantly. For your first game of the day, you’ll earn 300XP. The second and third will net you 200XP a pop. Games four through six, 100XP each.

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Witchcraft50d ago

tl;dr: 300XP for first completed match in a day, 200XP for the second and third, 100XP for match 4, 5 and 6. After that - 50XP per match.

That's pretty awesome, gives you an extra incentive to play at least 6 matches a day to level up. The game is fun even without unlocks, but I would lie if I said I don't like getting a new cosmetic item every now and then.

Kudos to 343i for a quick response to community feedback.

northpaws49d ago

In what world that system is pretty awesome?

So anyone can play this half asleep and earns more XP than a guy that play really well but not enough time to finish 6 matches...

Witchcraft49d ago

Um, you have challenges rewarding just playing the game and more skill based ones, like earning 5 sprees. Do you have a better system in mind than rewarding both skill and finishing matches consistently?

Rachel_Alucard49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

How about just not having super specific challenges that require insane rng to do like everyone else. Apex legends challenges are just dealing damage with any submachine gun, getting knockdowns, reviving a teammate, doing damage with a character, etc. All of those are easily done passively in a match.

If Apex adopted Halos style of challenges youd start seeing ones like kill a squad thats driving a vehicle, down an enemy with wattsons wall (they arent designed for downing), or getting melee downs which is very situational.

They could just simplify everything to dealing damage with some weapon type instead of outright killing because most of the alien weapons are not good for killing just for shield draining, remove vehicle based challenges altogether, and remove mode specific ones too unless the player has a choice in what mode they play.

Skill based earning should be given passively through medals or performance while doing good in a match, not because a challenge told you to do it.

Witchcraft49d ago

I am not a great player, I play maybe 1h a day and yet I cleared all challenges for the week. They're not that hard and you can always swap. The swaps are free and quite frequent.

Rachel_Alucard49d ago

I am not going to bash my head against a wall trying to get 5 killing sprees in a specific mode or praying a single wraith spawns so that I can be the one to blow it up. That may sound "easy" for you but this is not that kind of game people want clearly.

KillBill49d ago

@Witchcraft "Do you have a better system in mind" yes the system they have used in near every other multiplayer in Halo. Currently the scores earned in Halo Multiplayer mean absolutely nothing. You kill someone and see a 100 pop up on the screen. You suicide and see a -100 appear on the screen. That used to mean something... it means absolutely ZERO now. No rank and performance in game means nothing. The challenges that do exist to earn basically paywall offering (FREE rewards are few) are not conducive of simply playing the game. More often than not challenges require you to work against your team to actually achieve. Makes you play in a way that hurts your team more than assisting.

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NotoriousWhiz49d ago

It doesn't matter what changes they make. Obviously, someone is still going to complain. At least this is a step in the right direction.

KillBill49d ago

Well maybe because they aren't fixing the real problem but instead putting a band-aid on the wound and giving you a lolly-pop.

Snookies1249d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I agree, they've made adjustments very quickly. It's been out for what? Like a week now? And they've already given us a limited event game mode, and two adjustments to the way progression works on the battle pass. That is fantastic response time, and shows they're very closely listening to what the community wants. I really disliked 343 studios before Infinite's MP beta. But man, I have to admit they are doing better than I ever expected with this game so far. I just hope they can continue this level of support for the foreseeable future.

shepherdzeMan49d ago

Watch Out!!! Sony butthurt fanboys are on their way to downvote every positive comment and news.

Welshy49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Or maybe people have legitimate criticism of what remains pretty poor system, criticism =/= hate. Boosted XP for 6 matches does nothing for a die hard fan who is going to play long sessions and see virtually nothing in return for their time investment in the game.

The whole first 6 matches thing is dangerously close to daily log ins you'd see in a mobile game that exist purely for "engagement" and forcing you to come back more frequently.

What if you only have 1 day per week to play and want to play a good 6-8+ hour session that day? You're going to progress at a snails pace and it's going to put people off. "Fanboyism" doesn't even come into it.