Rockstar delays physical versions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition

The release dates for the physical versions of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition have changed.

Xbox Series X / Xbox One and PS4 will now release on December 17. The Nintendo Switch version is coming in early 2022.

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LucasRuinedChildhood47d ago

Looks like they plan on patching the Switch version next year.

Pastemaniak47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Of course it would. If they released it now, it would be just a matter of days before stores would be forced to discount it like it happened with Cyberpunk

HeliosHex46d ago

Cyberpunk is soooooo good though.

KingofBandits47d ago

The shit thing about this to me is that the only thing they are really delaying is the street release of the already pressed physical copies. Its not like this delay will change the trash code on the discs, it will just make it so there is a patch before you can install the games on consoles. If they were decent they would trash the discs and reauthor Gold masters with the patched code

Profchaos46d ago

Don't worry I'm sure they didn't even bother pressing game data into the disc it's probably just a license for a download given they messed up everything else why would they get this right

Limitedtimestruggle46d ago

I feel for the sorry folks having bought this trash.

Orbilator46d ago

Nah it's not trash , trash can be recycled, this is more like toxic waste, needs put into a barrel and buried in the desert next the ET cartridges for the Atari VCS and forgotten about.

Flawlessmic46d ago

Its really not that bad lol, loved playing playing through vice city again.

Gta 3 is more of prick of a game to finish though without cheats, them cheats back in the day certainly made it so much easier to finish

NotoriousWhiz46d ago

"I feel for the sorry folks"

"I feel sorry for the folks"

I wonder which one you really meant. :p

Spartacus1046d ago

Why? Serves them right for supporting such a disaster of a game if they saw the reviews, and serves them right for pre-ordering before the reviews came out.
I cant remember the last time someone said "oh no, I cant play this game because I didnt pre-order it and the digital store has completely sold out of copies!!"

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