Farming Simulator 22 sells over 1.5 million copies in its first week

Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 22 has surpassed expectations in every aspect since its launch eight days ago. The developer reported today that the game sold more than 1.5 million copies in the first week following its release.

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Deathdeliverer51d ago

My brother is one of them. How he enjoys games like this so much is beyond me.

SegaSaturn66951d ago

I like using recreation time to recreate, not labour. Especially in a game where all the upgraded vehicles are locked behind a paywall.

MaximusTKG51d ago

It’s not always about the farming. For me it’s all about creating an unstoppable farming empire, in which there is plenty of micro management. Kind of a to each their own thing.

Leemundo51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I’d play it too if they bothered to make Co-Op achievements possible, can’t believe they overlook such a basic as a being able to properly work a farm together without just the host gaining progress. Fail.

itsmebryan50d ago

It's funny that this low key game is outselling a lot of much hyped AAA console exclusives. Congratulations to.the developers.