Dying Light 2 has gone gold.

Techland announced that its long-anticipated Dying Light 2 game is now officially gold.

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CoNn3rB51d ago

Weird to think that this game is finally coming out, it kinda disappeared off the face of the earth for a while

Thunder_G0d_Bane51d ago

I prefer when games disappear I don’t need monthly updates when your game is years away from release.

Just go away and come back when you’re ready to launch.

ManMarmalade51d ago

I like when developers release progress notes periodically to keep us refreshed. At least an update every 3 or 4 months is nice.

CaptainHenry91651d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I think this is going to be the best fps horror and adventure game next year

philm8751d ago

Can't wait for this! Loved the first game so much. Gonna be a hefty day 1 patch I imagine, unless they're all getting a well deserved nice long Christmas break.

mlackin51d ago

Only started playing DL1 in October, Played it Co-Op with my brother and honestly I don't know why I shunned this for so long. Fantastic game, great story, great looting mechanic, great parkour and just a complete experience the DLC (The Following in particular) isn't just a rushed extra 5% but introduces new and extra content. The DLC packs actually give a reason to buy them and no microtransactions. Hint if your play on the Series consoles you get an FPS Boost! This is a definite pre-order of the Ultimate Edition even if it was the same game with a new story and new map I'd throw money at them.

Kurt Russell51d ago

They did a great job of supporting the first title. Fingers crossed this one lives up to the same expectation.

BenRC0151d ago

Can't wait for this. We've been spoiled with great games recently!

51d ago
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