Biggest New Games of December 2021: It's Halo Infinite Time

Aside from one or two big hitters, a lot of highly anticipated games are only launching in 2022, but there’s still some big new games launching in December 2021.

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Terry_B51d ago

Nay, its Monster Rancher 1+2 DX Time

anast51d ago

I heard Halo is weighted down by its MT scheme?

51d ago
spicelicka51d ago

Only for superficial people. The MTX are limited to cosmetics only. I have been playing non-stop without caring about cosmetic non-sense and the experience is sublime. Biggest plus is how smooth and bug free it is for crossplay launch.

4Sh0w51d ago

Yeah been playing every night since it dropped, most fun Ive consistently had with 1 game in a long, long time.

DJStotty51d ago

I suggest rather than listen to hear-say, play and test and form your own opinion of things.

rlow151d ago

Looking forward to the campaign.

XbladeTeddy50d ago

Me too. Never touched 5 as the campaign was supposed to be short and a waste of time. Only Halo I never bothered with.

rlow150d ago

I played it once and was disappointed. Every Halo campaign up to five I’ve played 40 to 50 times. But I really couldn’t get into five. Hopefully, this will live up to expectations.

50d ago