Halo Infinite Launch Trailer Is All About The Campaign

Microsoft just released another trailer dedicated to its massively-anticipated first-person shooter Halo Infinite.

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KionicWarlord22249d ago

Jesus Christ it is almost time. The Multiplayer is fire.

Now its time for the Campaign to cement Halo`s destiny.

This trail was FANTASTIC!.

The Hype is real folks.

Halo`s scale and visuals are top tier.

343 has acquired the mantle of responsibility.

4Sh0w49d ago

Oh man sooooo close now, I have the day off, so its gonna be a goooood day.

Gaming4Life198149d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I've been playing alot of the mp and yea it really is that good. They really havent shown that much of the campaign and I hope each area is unique.

Definitely hyped for the campaign!

anubusgold49d ago

Yeah the multiplayer has kept me busy not sure if i will have time to play single player.

WackoDaSniper49d ago

As someone who owns Vanguard, BF2042, and Infinite, Infinite is going to take the cake this year as a proper shooter. The other two flopped hard, Halo is back

execution1749d ago

I hope it's good 🙏 4 was being to play but had an interesting story, guardians had its moments but was pretty lack luster in the story department

alb189949d ago

That "day one on Gamepass" is so awesome!

anubusgold49d ago

Yeah gamepass has hurt my pc storage that i thought was future proof. I have 4 disk 1Tb drives and 3 standard ssd 1Tb drivers and 2 1Tb Nvme drives and game pass has filled up 3 of my ssd drives.

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The story is too old to be commented.