Blow Sh%$ For Reals With Warhawk

An interesting invitation was sent out to game blogs and websites from Sony Computer Entertainment America and Incognito Entertainment today:

"Primary Mission Objective: Complete Warhawk aircraft, vehicle, and infantry training with distinction, and receive instruction from top creative talent at critically acclaimed developer Incognito Entertainment (creators of the Twisted Metal franchise - on-camera interview opportunities to be available on site).

Secondary Mission Objective: Blow $#!% up."

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DJ4274d ago

That's like the best damn invitation ever! They need to show this game, like now!

Maddens Raiders4273d ago

Insider perks are normally ridiculous by nature, but this takes the cake. Sorry Utah, but I look forward to finally adding this game to my collection at the price of desctruction in independent film & ski country. I love the [email protected] out ambition in the action - adventure theme of Warhawk, but couple this with "go-anywhere" "drive-anything" nex-gen goodness and this could be a match made in heaven. I'm not saying Battlefield good yet, but??? Let's hope.

highps34273d ago

Hope this game turned out good, been so long since we have seen.

Hope their is a trailer or video.

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