GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition’s latest patch fixes 117 bugs and ‘adds cloud cover’

The latest patch for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is rolling out today, fixing over 100 bugs.

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PhillyDillyDee911d ago

Did they fix the fact that is a mobile port of a console game made back into a console game?

porkChop910d ago

I've seen people complain about it being a mobile port but I'm honestly not sure why that's such a problem. AFAIK the mobile remasters were the most updated versions of the games. So why wouldn't they be the starting point for a remaster? Is there some inherent flaw or downside to the mobile ports?

I'm not defending it, I just don't understand why people are so pissed off about it. I've never played the mobile versions.

Nitrowolf2910d ago

Because the mobile ports were buggy and generally not well made to begin with.

porkChop910d ago

Ah ok. I hadn't heard anything bad about them before so I figured they were fine.

XiNatsuDragnel910d ago

Did they fix the fact that in my opinion should have delayed by a year for quality improvements.

seanpitt23910d ago (Edited 910d ago )

This was just a massive cash grab.. spend the least amount of money and effort into a product and reap massive financial gains because they new the love that these games gave to many millions of people back in the day….

The greed that this industry has come to is disgusting.. not one AAA game this fall has come out complete vanguard, BF2042 all shocking unfinished products that don’t work…

EazyC910d ago

I don't care if they're basking in cash at the minute, this kind of behaviour will eventually come to bite them in the behind from the erosion of their reputation.

I for one am being VERY cautious before considering the new GTA whenever it does release -- getting a lot of warning bells from Rockstar at the minute. I think a lot has changed since RDR 2's development cycle (which, to be fair was unbelievably good)

mkis007910d ago

Hopefully the more devs release games like this and Cyberpunk, and the more damaged their reputation becomes, the less they will see releasing at a specific time as a good idea, rather than just finishing the work.

I never understood the need to release a game during the holidays. Do people not buy games released earlier in the year during the holidays?

john416910d ago

Hopefully they fix chaos mode the smoke from buildings is missing and it seems gutted from the original cheat in the original

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Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is Still Not up to Standard Two Years Later

Worse still though, it appears as though The Trilogy has been abandoned by Rockstar and Take Two Interactive.

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Inverno163d ago

By today's standards, I'd argue that being half assed, having a couple patches, and being abandoned and ultimately left still half assed is infact up to standards.

VenomUK163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Yesterday I watched a YouTube video that said the new Netflix iOS/Android versions have a series of visual improvements that significantly improve it and bring it much closer to the vision and mood of the original games.


banger88163d ago

That's just a f****** insult. They need to release that patch for console/PC asap.

Chard162d ago

If this gets applied to the Steam/console version then I’ll consider getting it

Cacabunga163d ago

Cash grabs have rarely been tuned

1nsomniac162d ago

It was beyond garbage. But we’re all over it now right? like it never happened!

anast162d ago

It's was supposed to be a mobile game.

Knightofelemia162d ago

This is what happens when you farm something out to the wrong people.

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Wow, Looks Like The Busted GTA Trilogy Is Better On Mobile

The Definitive Editions of GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas look better than ever according to fans

-Foxtrot166d ago

Probably because it looked like it was made for mobile